Please take a good long look through our parent company, G3 Ministries website.  This will inform and educate you on everything which we are involved in - in order to bring Heaven to Earth for all of mankind.

Also, please visit my BuyNothing NDG Facebook Group, join and take an active part.  This is about way more than getting items for free - it is about peace, love and equality/equity for all.  Please get involved and do your part in bringing Heaven to Earth  for all NDG residents - as a start!  


The inspiration behind NDG Project is John Lennon's song, IMAGINE.  In this song he sings about a future world where peace, love and equality for all is the order of the day.  The song is one of the most popular of all times because it captures the hearts and minds of the vast majority of humanity and has them hoping for and dreaming of a better day.  

Recently I had a conversation with a friend where he mentioned that he had read that in this world there are roughly 1 billion people who are obese and the same number who are significantly underfed.  He then countered; ‘we can’t change the world and these problems.’  My answer to him was that we can do our part.  Think globally, act locally.  In NDG, roughly 25% of the population are living under the poverty line.  I told him that we can work to make NDG better.  To eradicate poverty from our community.  To transform our neighborhood into the best community in the world.  And then if we can do it for our community we can help others to transform their communities and in so doing we can change the world.

He then spoke about an experience he had while in Africa where he visited/lived with a small group (tribe) of people who shared everything.  They were the closest thing he had seen to a perfect community, where every member was treated equally. This sharing ideology holds that every community member has something of value to contribute to the community and in exchange is deserving of an equal share of benefits (ie food, housing...).

My goal is to develop a plan for implementation into NDG with the single minded desire being to make NDG the best community on the planet.  I don’t presume to have all the answers, but, it is my hope that this quest will stimulate and inspire many people in the community and outside who have ideas towards this end and that together we can forge forward with the interest of first changing NDG and ultimately changing the world.  

There is no obstacle that love cannot overcome - poverty, crime, racism - at the heart of this initiative is helping people to grow in love.  Love brings light into those whose hearts have been darkened by this world.  Love builds community both locally and globally.  Love heals.  Once a person makes a decision to be love, they become a sort of catalyst - they will cause everyone else in their surrounding to be better.  They will ultimately bring everyone in their community together in every way necessary to raise the community up.   

As a global community it amazes me how people can come together over world issues like the tragedy in Humbolt, the shootings in Las Vegas or Orlando or the recent saving of the twelve young boys and their coach from the cave in Thailand.  It demonstrates the incredible spirit and love which resides in the heart of the vast majority of people. What is necessary is something to rally around. My suggestion is that we rally around our community and work together to make it considerably better. Please help me and the growing number of people who are inspired by this mission to make NDG the best community on earth.  Help us to take our message (and our love) to everyone in NDG...and the world! 

Thank you in advance,


Ross Harvey 


Please listen to this song, written for NDG Project by Peter Kelly and performed by NDG's Francine Jarry

Here's a song by fellow NDG'er John Jordan and Mello G about our wonderful community...