A central component of the NDG Project plan is the introduction of The Art of Neighboring program into the community. Our neighbors are not only those who live in close proximity to us, but rather, every person we come into contact with over the course of our days.  Our daily objective should be that we make an effort to befriend every person we come across in our days and that in some way we affect them positively, whether this is through the exchange of a smile, a kind word, assistance, a couple of dollars, or whatever else it is they need which we have to give.  ‘Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.’  Scott Adams 


A key component of the NDG Project plan is the development of a connected network of people down to every person across the community.  In this way we aim to tie all members of the community - residents, merchants and organizations - together - and to facilitate the regular flow of information, products and services across the community.  It is our belief and hope that through the development of this network and the increase of love towards our entire community, we will make a profound, positive and longterm difference in the life of every person the program touches - ultimately every person in the neighbourhood.

Our belief is that if we are going to truly make NDG the greatest community in the world, we have to be helping every community member towards living their dream/ideal life.  Through this network we will endeavour to make available a vast number of events and activities for personal growth/fulfillment, giving every community member an opportunity to participate.  These include but are not limited to:  block parties, concerts, art shows/vernissages, drama recitals and plays, courses on a variety of subjects, physical training sessions, aerobics classes and seminars/workshops on health, wellness and nutrition as well as a myriad of other events.  You can find out more about all of this by checking out our The NuVoWay website:  The NuVoWay