In order to transform NDG into the best community in the world, one of the first things which must be accomplished is that we have to eliminate poverty from the social landscape and help everyone towards a much higher quality of life.  This includes sufficient income to maintain adequate housing, 3 square, good quality meals/day, sufficient income for the basic necessities as well as some money to put away for emergencies. We agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Mandela's words. We also believe that the entire community should be responsible for helping to lift all those on the lower margins up - that ending poverty should be accomplished by a combined effort of people, businesses, organizations and government. To this end our objective is to promote this initiative to everyone in our community (as well as in the global community) in an effort to get them on board and active.

    1.  Eliminating poverty
    • Basic Income and Hybrid Work Stimulus Program.  We are looking to lobby the respective governments (federal, provincial and municipal) to institute a program such as this into the community.  SIGN OUR PETITION!  Every adult aged 18 and over would receive $2,000 every four weeks for a total annual income of $26,000.  This would be sufficient to lift every person over the poverty line.  Every person would be evaluated (by Social Workers and NuVoWay LifeStyle Coaches) in order to find a type of occupation in which they would thrive.  People would work 20 hours/week. The types of positions available are only limited by the community's needs and our imagination.  Everyone in the program would freely exchange their products and services to others within the community at no charge, through the BuyNothing Project.  We envision the following as a starting point:
    • Block Captains/Co-ordinators
    • Community development workers
    • Life Coaches (NuVoWay LifeStyle Coaches)
    • Community gardeners (growing vegetables, flowers…)
    • Lawn care/Snow shovelers
    • Artists (musicians, painters, actors…)
    • Artisans (stained glass, mosaics…)
    • House painters
    • Handy persons
    • Woodworkers/cabinet makers
    • Street/sidewalk cleaners
    • Home cleaners
    • Home care workers (for elderly and disabled)
    • Desk jobs for those with disabilities
    • Home cooks
    • Seamstresses/clothes makers
    • Haircare people (in home)
    • Foot care people (in home)
    • Nannies
    • Crossing Guards
    • Daycare personnel (in home)
    • Dog walkers/pet sitters
    • Tutors
    • Personal trainers
    • Yoga instructors
    • People with cars to run errands
    • Computer wizards
    • Aerobics instructors
    • And many more roles limited only by our imagination.
    2.  Helping everyone to live their best lives


    • NuVoWay Lifestyle Coaches.  We anticipate having 100 (or more) of these health, wellness and LifeStyle Coaches across the community, helping every person in our community to be the best version of themselves.  This includes helping them to dream about their ideal lives, to outline what needs to be done to get them there and then to layout and implement a plan aimed at reaching or overshooting these goals.  (see letter to Christian Dube on right) 
    • The NuVo Network.   This is an interconnected network of people down to every person across our community.  Our aim here is to ensure the flow of information, product and services back and forth between all residents, businesses, social organizations and levels of government without any person slipping through the cracks. 

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    3.  Additional Measures
    • Reaching out to the churches in the area.  Involving all religious institutions in the community as intermediaries between those with not enough and those with more than sufficient.  Using their halls for a multitude of activities aimed at growing the community closer together.
    • Reaching out to all businesses - locally and globally.  Involving all sizes of businesses in the program
    • Reaching out to all social organizations in the area.  Involving all social organizations in an effort to tie all people closer together in order that no person slips through the cracks.
    • Reaching out to the wealthiest in our community and in the world.  Involving the wealthiest people in Montreal, Canada and globally in assisting us to outline and implement a complete program aimed at transforming the world. 
    4.  Moneyless Society
    • This represents what we consider to be the ideal solution for society.  In this approach, every person is entitled to their fair share of everything the community and world generates, based upon the sole condition that they are one of 7.8 or 8 billion people on the planet and equally deserving as any other.  At the same time, each member of society is considered to possess something of value which they can readily share with all other community members.  There is no expectation of payment in any form for goods and services.